Demoted menorah? Jesus, Mary, & Joseph!

It’s bad enough if people forget your birthday, but I’d much rather have that than people remembering it’s your birthday, plan a huge celebration, and deliberately not invite you to your own birthday party.

Baby Jesus was served an eviction notice at yet another place run by spineless administrators worried about offending some vocal minority, this time at New Yorks St. George Ferry terminal.  But wait…there’s more! While the Nativity scene is no longer allowed, a menorah is still on display there in recognition of Hanukkah.   

DOT spokesman Seth Solomonow said “Yes, Staten Island, there will still be Christmas trees and menorahs at the ferry terminals. We find that Staten Islanders can agree that these holiday symbols enliven our terminals and will continue to throughout the holidays.”  “Holidays”, plural? Would that include an obscure and little known observance some people like to call Christmas? No? Sorry, Seth – my bad.  

Solomonow said the “DOT put up an inclusive display for the holiday season that was consistent both with traditions at the ferry terminal and also with legal precedent.”  It seems Mr. Solomonow is a little confused on this whole “inclusive” concept. 

A city source said “menorahs are not considered religious symbols, according to legal precedent.” (insert laugh-track here) What a glittering jewel of ignorance this person is.  Since this city source in unnamed, we’ll call this person “Sparkles”.  The city needs to consider replacing Sparkles with a more credible source, maybe one who’s not a complete idiot.  Other amazing facts Sparkles was overheard saying:

1966 Golden Globe nominee

“Basset Hounds are not considered dogs, according to the AKC”

“Provolone is not considered a cheese, according to me.”

“Greece was not considered a civilization”

“Batman is not a real superhero”

“Barney Rubble is a great actor”

“The Sun is the largest planet”

“Judaism?  What’s that?”

“Mom, will you help me tie my shoes?”

“I like the name ‘Sparkles’!”


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