Death By Bumper Sticker

by Steve K

The White House said “We’re not at war with Libya”.  What? Could’ve fooled me.  What do you call it when we’re bombing their tanks, troops, anti-aircraft equipment, and command & control facilities? We even sent something nasty and explody into the presidential compound.  We lost a $30 million dollar jet in the process so far, but no, we’re not at war.  Remember, this White House doesn’t like to use the word “war” and even exchanged the term “war on terror” with the warmer & fuzzier “global struggle against violent extremism”.   Yeah, that makes the pacifists at home so much happier and makes the terrorist laugh shake in their shoes.  Oh, and who can forget how they replaced “terrorism” with “man-caused disasters”?  I wonder what other names the White House kicked around, what was the chat around the water cooler before they settled on these lame terms?

  • “The Really Strong Disagreement”
  • “Rebuking Disaster-Causing Men”
  • “The Final Warning Before Defriending on Facebook”
  • “The Bluff We Hope Not To Get Called On”
  • “An Action We Do Without Congressional Approval That We Criticized Bush For”
  • “Rock, Paper, Scissors”
  • “Something I’ll Get Around To After I Make My NCAA Picks”
  • “18 Holes Of Golf,  Now Let’s Blow A Few Things Up So I’ll Look Decisive” 

I have no love for Qaddafi, so if we’re going to do something in Libya, then enough foreplay; it’s time for Momar to be sodomized by a cruise missile.  If we’re not going to make more than a half-assed effort to kill him then we’re just wasting time & money.  It took long enough for Barry to finally get around to doing anything at all, he’s been busy giving Brazil $2 billion and permission to drill for oil in the Gulf of Mexico while refusing to approve drilling permits for U.S. companies.  

"This isn't a bomb. It's a gravity-propelled, impact-activated eradicator of disaster-causing men"

*HYPOCRISY ALERT*: Both Obama and Biden said in the past that the President does not have the authority to unilaterally wage war without the approval of Congress.  Biden even said he’d move to impeach a president who did such a thing.  But I guess those same rules don’t apply to them.  Why are people still driving around with Obama/Biden bumper stickers?  These voters are much more of a threat to our way of life than any Libyan. Let’s duct tape these brain-dead oxygen thieves to their cars and drop them on Momar.  It’ll improve both America and Libya while keeping collateral damage to a minimum.


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