What America Needs More Of

by Steve K

It’s all sorted out now. We’ve had time to express our thoughts in the public arena leading up to election day. Time will reveal which side will get to say “See? I told you so!” to the other side.

I’m thankful for the opportunity I was afforded to be an assistant at the polls during early voting and a judge on election day in a heavily democratic area of Bladen County NC (where I was a good boy and kept my personal political opinions to myself and worked impartially for everyone who came in. My sole purpose in being there was vigilance against voter fraud).

I’ve learned some things as well as had some things I already knew reinforced. I was a witness to a spectacle that is disturbing for it’s widespread influence and the deadening of the individual mind and for it’s (often willful) ignorance, and for it’s blind allegiance to party or superficial similarities that are only skin-deep.

I was prepared for the things I would witness; I was not quite prepared for the sheer quantity.

So many individuals came in to vote not knowing if they were registered to vote or not; not knowing their address; and in some cases not even knowing how to spell their name. They came in to vote with a pre-filled sample ballot given to them by people outside the polling station.

There were candidates for several offices on the state and local level, too, but many of these voters seemed agitated that their ballots were cluttered with choices for offices other than President. Many said “I don’t know who these people are” and “Do I have to fill out all these?” even though their cheat-sheets already had them picked.

Even with all the candidates already marked on the ballot for them, so many of these low-information voters still needed help filling in bubbles on a simple paper ballot. This is like handing a cheat-sheet to a student who never bothered studying for a quiz and having that student say “Will you sit next to me and write my answers for me even though you gave me the answers?” This ranks as one of the most pathetic things I’ve ever witnessed. I’ve seen grown men being brought in by their aging mothers who filled out their voter registration forms for them. These forms ask you only for personal information which every person ought to know about themselves. I could have filled one out in the 2nd grade.

It amazes me how so many American voters are willing to surrender their minds and votes to let someone else make their choices for them. For most of these voters I see no evidence that they possess even a basic knowledge of the issues or that they even care. If they knew or cared then what they would be saying is that this country needs more of what we’ve had these last four years:

  • What this country needs is more government because we just can’t get enough government in our lives.
  • What we need is more debt because $16,000,000,000,000 just isn’t enough. My grandchildren’s share is $50,000 each, and each taxpayer’s share is $140,000, but that’s just not enough. We want more – way more!
  • What we need is to put the shackles of debt on our grandchildren by spending their money on ourselves today so we can have free abortions and condoms and call it a “women’s health” issue.
  • We need to further erode our religious liberties and surrender them to muslims and atheists.
  • We need a president who will do more bowing and apologizing to America’s enemies.
  • We need the president to play more golf while the government goes another four years without passing any budget whatsoever, let alone a balanced budget.
  • We need a president who will appear on more talk shows while more our embassies are attacked, more of our ambassadors are murdered, and more of our consulates burn. We also need him to blame more YouTube videos while trying to cover up the fact that he ignored repeated calls for help.
  • We need another term because four years of making excuses and blaming Bush simply isn’t enough.
  • We need a more porous border so more illegals can be granted amnesty and become registered democrats.
  • We need more voter fraud and more resistance to laws that would put a stop to it.
  • We need more tax cheats in high offices.
  • We need more politicians and their supporters stealing from the treasury.
  • We need more of our money confiscated to refill this depleted treasury.
  • We need a president who will appoint more czars who’s appointment bypasses congressional approval because we just don’t have enough czars but we have too many checks and balances.
  • What we need is more ignorance of history and more apathy.
  • We need to have our heads examined; but first, we need to pull our heads out of our asses.

Make no mistake. There will be more of all this. Again, time will reveal which side will get to say “I told you so.”

And it won’t take long at all.

In the meantime I’m going to have fun and enjoy living life as I quietly and diligently go about preparing for the outcome that history has shown time and again has fallen on a people who have already traveled the path we’re going down. And many will still insist “We need more of this!”


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