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Occupy Wall Street, Class-Envy, Coveting Thy Neighbor’s GPA.

By Steve K.

OWS protesters like to hold up signs telling us they’re “the 99%”, upset that the “1%” hold an “unfair” percentage of the wealth. Too many of these naive individuals are blaming capitalsim and want it forcebly abolished and replaced with socialism. Nothing wrong with that, except

-it assumes that they are somehow entitled to other people’s possessions.

-it ignores history. Socialism doesn’t work – period. Ask the people of the former Eastern Bloc countries. Contrast North & South Korea.

-it has misplaced faith in human nature. They believe that what makes capitalism a bad system is that it corrupts people when in fact it’s people that  corrupt  systems. Their solution is to do away with one system and place another system in the hands of corrupt people. They’re willingly ignorant of  the fact that  socialist  governments are corrupt. What makes these airheads think that socialism will make everyone honest and willing to put other’s  interests ahead of their  own?

-Oh, and most importantly, people who believe such nonsense are stupid hippies.

To see the absurdity of OWS, let’s look at their chief complaint from another perspective. Here’s an average distribution of acedemic grades:

A… 7%

B… 24%

C…..middle 38%

D… 24%

F…..bottom 7%

Now ask one of these people if they think it’s fair that the top 7% of the students should have all the A’s. Isn’t it greedy & selfish that so few have A’s when there are others who have F’s? Isn’t this an oppressive system that exploits those making lower grades? Ask them how they would feel if their grades were “redistributed” more equitably among the rest of the students. Would the A and B students be willing to give some of their points to the D and F students? Wouldn’t it be wonderful if everybody got a C? Wouldn’t it be more “fair”? Of course, it wouldn’t be so wonderful or fair for the students who worked so hard to earn their A’s and B’s, but hey, at least we’re all equal now. So on the next test, the top students have no incentive to study hard. Why should they? No matter how hard they work, their grades will be taken from them and redistributed in the name of academic “justice”. And those who scored low before also have no incentive to try their best because they’re guaranteed a C. But since there’s no more A’s or B’s to redistribute, the new high grade is C, making D the new average. Isn’t socialism great? Wouldn’t it make you feel all warm & fuzzy inside knowing this is how your doctor passed medical school?

So they want a more “equitable” distribution of wealth. I wonder if one of them can tell us just exactly how much more equitable it has to be before they’ll be satisfied and go home to occupy a shower. What’s the number? Unless it’s absolute equality where no one has even a single dollar more than the next person, then any number they come up with will be arbitrary.

If redistribution of wealth is the goal, then should we restrict it to the U.S.? Why not include the whole world? Don’t they deserve some redistribution as well? Let’s run the numbers: If everyone put all their money and assets in a huge pile, and if it were redistributed equally among every person on Earth, each person’s share would be $11,000. Watch the deer-in-the-headlights look in the hippie’s eyes as they try in stunned silence to comprehend the inadequacy of this amount to cover basic costs, like rent, food, clothes, electricity, car, fuel, insurance, phone, paying back student loans, etc. let alone extras like money for partying, weed, and travelling to protests with other ignorant hippies. If they still think they’re in the “99%”, let them tell that to people living in Bangladesh or Haiti who would kill to have the standard of living enjoyed by this whiny dependency-minded mob.

The most obvious irony is also the funniest, that these people who hate corporations and capitalism gather to demonstrate, having arrived there in vehicles made by one of the Big 3 auto giants that run on gasoline purchased from Exxon-Mobile, and they take pictures and tweet about it on their personal electronic devices that they purchased from evil corporations run by greedy capitalists like Steve Jobs.

Another observation about OWS’s decrying of the disparity between the rich and the poor in capitalist vs. socialist societies: Suppose we have a class where the average grade is D and the top grade is C. There’s only one teacher that’s been made available to the students. Now let’s introduce competition in the form of another teacher so that students have a choice. Now the average grade is C with the top grade being A.  Notice the gap between the average grade and the top grade has widened, but notice also that ALL scores went up. Now imagine there are a few whiny sourpusses who refuse to appreciate that everyone’s academic standard has been raised, focusing only on the disparity between the top and bottom grades. This is the mindset of the average OWS zombie, so green they are with class-envy (no pun intended).

Now Michael Moore says the Occupy Wall Street movement has inspired him to make yet another movie. Yeah, I can’t keep a straight face either every time this hypocrite rails against capitalism all the while making a fortune from the idiots who pay to see his films – films made with non-union labor to boot. Who else thinks it’s unfair that this 1-percenter is among those who possess a disproportionate amount of the world’s body fat? Let’s demand a more equitable distribution of his lunch. Moore can certainly benefit from a redistribution of intelligence.

Separated at birth.

If these people hate capitalism and love socialism so much, why don’t they move to that utopia called North Korea?

I could go on, but that’s enough for now. I’m hungry. I’m going to eat food cooked on the G.E. stove we bought from Lowes.

Damn corporations! (and the Americans they employ!)

The brightly lit civilized area is South Korea (evil capitalists) The dark area is North Korea (bastion of social & economic justice,progress, and equality) I didn't know Utopia was so dark.


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Netflix and a New Use for Popcorn Bags

By Steve K

So we got “Machete” from Netflix. The previews looked decent because it showed copious amounts of senseless violence, which I’m a huge fan of. Even the name “Machete” pretty well says that someone in the movie will feel the cold steel of a huge blade separating their head from their neck. How can you have a movie by that title and not have a decapitation or twelve? It’s implied. Plus Danny Trejo was hilarious in “Bubble Boy”, so I thought it would be somewhat entertaining to watch. What I got instead was two hours of leftist propaganda and an attempt to stir up racial strife.

Why did I sit through the whole movie? Morbid curiosity, like the kind that makes you take a second look when you drive past a car wreck. The movie starts out with our “hero”, a former Mexican Federali, hiding out in Texas after a drug lord murdered his family. Desperate for money, he agrees to assassinate a campaigning anti-illegal immigration politician (Robert De Niro, in what has to be his worst performance ever). But Machete is set up as a scapegoat, used as a pawn by his recruiter and is now on the run from the law for attempted assassination. As planned, De Niro’s poll numbers skyrocket after the botched attempt. So the rest of the movie is Machete using machetes and what not, killing a bunch of people and getting the universal support of the Hispanic population.

The movie portrays those Americans who want an orderly border as crazed racists, actually showing De Niro shooting and killing a helpless pregnant woman trying to cross the border. Don Johnson crawls out from under his rock to be in this film, portraying a leader of a Minuteman-type organization who supports De Niro’s candidacy. The whole premise is that corrupt, evil, racist white men are oppressing and victimizing the peace-loving, law-abiding, hard-working, patriotic, responsible illegal immigrants, who have clandestinely organized themselves and rally around a yet-to-be revealed leader known only as “She”, with her posters and graffiti visible here and there (sure, it’s just a crazy unintended coincidence if this reminds you in any way of Che’)

"She", "Che".....other than gender and one letter, what's the difference?

“She” by day is a mild-mannered owner/operator of a roach-coach, a meals-on-wheels vendor, but by night she’s She’, the Marxist revolutionary (excuse me, “revolucion”-ary), even hoarding a huge stockpile of military weapons, not just small-arms, but heavy crew-served weapons, rockets, mortars, and the like; something that every peace-loving, law-abiding illegal alien should have squirreled away, you know, just in case the authorities try to do some crazy thing like enforce the law.

The silliest part of the whole thing was watching Jessica Alba stand on the hood of a car before a crowd of Hispanics, pump her fist into the air and shout “We didn’t cross the border, the border crossed us!”, to which the crowd enthusiastically agrees. (Funny how the previews didn’t show this kind of nonsense.) Excuse me while I regurgitate my popcorn. C’mon, Netflix, if airlines can provide barf-bags to their customers, then you can include one when you mail DVD’s that make folks want to spew their snack. Otherwise, when we microwave popcorn, we can put it in a serving bowl and save the empty bag so it’s available to hurl into should the movie turn our stomachs. This movie should come with a warning, but the motion picture rating system is inadequate and doesn’t provide a symbol for this. Currently we have:

  • G………….General Audiences – All ages admitted
  • PG……….Parental Guidance Suggested
  • PG-13…..Parents Strongly Cautioned – material inappropriate for children under 13
  • R………….Restricted – Under 17 requires accompanying adult
  • NC-17…..No one 17 or Under Admitted

We need to add more, 

  • SRLY?…..Seriously?
  • BAA……..Blatently anti-American
  • CCCP……Contains Soviet-Era propaganda and Liberal ideology
  • BADS……Bad acting, directing, and script
  • RW!………Attempts to provoke race-war
  • WOF…….Waste of film
  • WSE…….Watch something else
  • WTF…….WTF?
  • BBR……..Barf-bag required
  • K9X……..Wouldn’t make my dog sit through this
  • OOPS!….Scratch DVD thoroughly before returning
  • TURD……..Drag through cat’s litter box before returning

 Everyone, regardless of nationality, is subject to the legal requirements of entry into the U.S. Why do some people think that these requirements should be suspended at our southern border? Why should one particular people-group be exempt from following the law in which everyone else is required to follow? Let the makers of this film try to enter some other country illegally. I’d like to see a movie about that – accompanied by music from Benny Hill


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Cowboy Poetry’s Connection to Area 51

by Steve K

As of today in the United States every man, woman, and child’s share of the national debt is $45, 782.  If that’s not mind-numbing enough, it gets better. The share per taxpayer is $128, 205.  That’s almost as much money as Charlie Sheen blows in one weekend. In November we sent a lot of these fiscally retarded politicians packing, replacing them with new blood who may actually do something useful.  Some of those in Congress who managed to avoid being replaced took notice of what the people were saying. Others are acting oblivious to not only the voters, but oblivious to reality itself.  Nevada senator Harry Reid is the chief of the Oblivion tribe.  This week Harry stood on the floor of the Senate and defended deficit spending for that necessity of life that simply cannot be cut from the budget – cowboy poetry!

Cowboy poetry? Seriously? Well saddle me up and ride me to the loony bin, partner! I didn’t know such a thing even existed, even without being subsidised by our tax dollars.   I’m guessing that the word “priorities” is not in the senator’s vocabulary.  It seems clear to me that anyone who refuses to cut the most useless and ridiculous nonsense from the budget is not likely to cut anything at all.  But that’s Harry in a nutshell, spend more and more.  If we were running a surplus then maybe congress can argue over whether or not cowboy poetry is something that should be included in the federal budget.  I don’t know about you but I can think of much better things to spend a hypothetical surplus on:

  • A remote island where we can exile stupid politicians and see how long they can survive without tax dollars.
  • An impregnable Wall of Death on our border.
  • Giant war-bots
  • Free beer & hot-wings Fridays
  • Miss Wet T-Shirt America
  • Research to develop mutant flying pig hybrids, that way we can have duck season AND bacon season!
  • Over-the-top elaborate traps, like from the “Saw” movies that force Harry Reid to choose between an awesomely spectacular death or chewing his own arm off to escape.
  • Education camps where we can send liberals to learn the Constitution, that nagging little document they should’ve learned about in school instead of smoking pot and reading about Karl Marx and Che Guevara.

Now who would honestly rather listen to cowboy poetry than watch chicks in wet t-shirts shooting flying pigs while scarfing down government-funded hot-wings over a cold beer?  Harry is not only out of touch with reality, but he also lacks imagination and ambition. 

Harry wants us to believe that cowboy poets will cease to exist (we can only hope) without big government.  How did cowboys write and recite poetry before politicians funded them with money confiscated from the public?  If it’s as popular as Harry Reid says then it will survive in the private sector where it started in the first place.

I’ve always been somewhat skeptical of aliens visiting Earth. Even though I witnessed first-hand a flying disc in 1980, I’m not convinced it was extra-terrestrial in origin. Physics doesn’t support the possibility of travelling at light speed (objects gain mass as they speed up, and that speeding up requires energy. The more mass, the more energy is required. By the time an object reached the speed of light its mass would be infinite, and so would the amount of energy required to increase its speed…., yada, yada)  But Harry Reid gives us cause to reconsider: Harry is from Nevada.  Do you know what else is in Nevada? Area 51.  It’s been long rumored that Area 51 houses a spacecraft and the bodies of aliens that were recovered from a crash.  I think a spore from one of these aliens survived and took over the body and mind of Harry when he was a youngster, then it slowly spread throught the state over the years so that now over half the voters are under this other-wordly influence.  How else do we explain Harry’s re-election to the Senate?  These aliens came from the planet Libertopia, whose inhabitants ruined the planet with their socialism.  So forcing the last remaining capitalists to build them a workable spacecraft, they departed for Earth, intent on taking our resources since they were no longer willing or even capable of efficiently using their own.  But the mission ended in failure, as all socialist experiments do.  Harry reminds me of Ray Walston from “My Favorite Martian”, antennae pop out of his head when no one is looking.  If he could he’d beam money from your wallet to his pocket, but he can’t, so he became a Democrat instead.  Next best thing.

Hey, when does that movie “Cowboys and Aliens” come out?

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Free okra for the grazing masses

By Steve K.

How in the world did people ever survive before there were government bureaucracies trying to provide cradle-to-grave benefits at taxpayer expense?

The nanny-state made another advance in the war to stamp out self-reliance as well as the ability and right of locally elected people to deal directly with the needs of their community without Big Government oversight and micro-managing. Barack Hussein Obama today signed yet another government-expanding bill, spending more of your dollars. This time it’s a $4,500,000,000 Child Nutrition Bill.

“The measure would expand free school meals for the needy and give the government power to decide what kinds of foods may be sold in schools” according to the Associated Press.  Well that makes me feel all warm & fuzzy inside – I just love it when Washington grabs more power and frees the oppressed masses from any unnecessary responsibility or freedom.  Hey – we can’t have Americans going around trying to think or decide anything for themselves!

The AP article also said “The new money also will allow 20 million additional after-school meals to be served annually in all 50 states.” After-school meals? Paid for by the government? We didn’t have after-school meals when I was in school, not provided by the government, anyway.  Oh, sure, we had meals after school. We called it “dinner”, and it was provided by parents, not by central-planning socialist. 

I know this will shock many in the ever-growing dependency class, but people in the past got along just fine before “progressives” decided that people were incapable of providing for themselves and needed the government to do it for them.  Let’s see just how much “progress” progressives made for us:

Then – Limited government that at least made a pretense at fiscal responsibility.

Now -Baaaaaaahahahahaha!  Fiscal What?  My grandson Eli is already over $40,000 in debt. (the bum!)

Then -U.S. students ranked at or near the top.

Now – U.S. ranks 18th out of 36 industrialized nations.

Then – Divorce, teen pregnancy, and drop-out rate low.

Now – “Baby daddy”

Then – Voluntary prayer allowed in school.

Now –  Prayer Nazi says “No prayer for you!”

Then – We browned-bagged our lunch to school while Obama ate lunch at a muslim school in Indonesia.

Now – “There’s no such thing as a free lunch” – oh, wait…… yes there is!

Then – We didn’t tolerate a lot of nonsense.

Now –  We tolerate everything except intolerance.

Then – Kids didn’t suffer from A.D.D., when we got out of line teachers would whip our A.S.S. – problem solved.

Now – We keep kids doped-up on Ritalin so no one has to deal with them.

Then – Legislators introduced bills that we could read.

Now – The Health Care bill has more pages than the Bible.

Then – Okra was nasty

Now – Okra is still nasty – it is a vegetable from Hell.

There.  I think this conclusively demonstrates the need to get rid of progressives (a.k.a. liberals) and okra.  I would love to see Eli grow up in an okra-free environment.

Vile Weed


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