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Wow! Who Knew There Were So Many Things That Don’t Matter?

By Steve K

Maybe it’s me. Maybe I’m just wound up too tight. Maybe I obsess over things that I think matter but really don’t. In a strange way I envy those who can wave a dismissing hand at the things happening around us and to us. Oh, to be able to go through life so care-free, so unaware. If ignorance is bliss, then willful ignorance is willful bliss.

“Willfully ignorant”; isn’t that another word for “dumb on purpose”? Either way, you have to admire anyone who can manufacture their own state of blissful ignorance. After all, reality is so often unpleasant to face. Dwell on it too long and it can be downright depressing, so the secret to happiness for some people is to ignore reality and pretend it doesn’t exist. That’s much easier than admitting you made a mistake or that your judgement is faulty.

I’m fascinated by how an entire constituency is made up of such people. There seems to be no other explanation for such a phenomenon, and there are people in government who are aware of this and know how to capitalize on it. In fact, their very existence actually depends on voters being willfully ignorant dumb on purpose.

Are there any examples of this? I’m glad you asked! Yes, there are so many examples that it’s truly mind-boggling. So much so that I would love to live out the rest of my days pretending that such people don’t exist, but I’m not able to be that detached from reality. Let’s look at a few examples of what so many Americans are in denial of:

  • “It doesn’t matter to me that gas prices more than doubled since Obama took office, or that he’s blocked oil production in the Gulf for U.S. companies resulting in thousands of laid-off workers while sending billions of our tax dollars to Brazil so they can drill in the Gulf, or that Obama said that under his plan energy prices “will necessarily skyrocket”.
  • “I don’t know or care that our elected representatives over-spent us into debt to the tune of more than $16 trillion dollars, or that every taxpayer’s share is $140,000. It’s time for my favorite program, ‘So you think you can dance with a 5th grade chef?'”
  • “It doesn’t worry me at all that our Senate Majority Leader wants deficit spending for Cowboy Poetry. Some things are just to vital to our national interest to slash them from the budget.”
  • “I’m not at all concerned that our president is skipping national security meetings and refusing to meet with the Israeli Prime Minister while the Middle East is running amok. He has more important things to do like attend a fundraiser with rappers for his reelection campaign, and appearing on David Letterman and The View. Who’s Benjamin Netanyahu? Is he someone important, like Letterman, or Whoopie, or Jay-Z?”
  • “So what if the president condemned Mitt Romney BEFORE he condemned the attacks on Americans in Libya and Egypt. He’s in Campaign Mode, so what did you expect?”
  • “Why should it matter to me that the Marines guarding our embassy in Egypt were not permitted to have ammunition in their rifles, or that the president pledged that billions in foreign aid will continue to flow to these countries in spite of these attacks? I’m more concerned with getting my next tattoo.”
  • “So what if rogue countries have absolutely no fear of our President?”
  • “I’m not the least bit concerned that billions of our tax dollars are going to failing auto companies so that they can produce cars that no one wants, or that they cost more to produce that what they cost to buy. I need you to subsidize my new hybrid for me. Thanks!”
  • “Don’t trouble me with details over the government takeover of the health-care industry. Who’s got time to read all 2,700 pages of the Affordable Care Act?
  • “Do I find it hypocritical that the man who promised us the ‘most transparent administration ever’ held health-care negotiations behind closed doors after making a campaign promise to televise it on C-SPAN? Not at all. Why would you even ask such a silly question?”
  • “I appreciate the former House Speaker for looking us squarely in the eye and telling us “We have to pass the bill so we can see what’s IN the bill”. You have to admire that kind of candor. Few people would have the stones to try to pull that off.”
  • “I was not aware that Obama has been golfing 104 times since 2009. I wonder what his handicap is? I bet he’s pretty good after all that practice.” Image
  • “Why should I care that the first family takes a lot of expensive vacations overseas with a huge entourage? It’s not like I’m paying for it all. Someone else pays for all that, right?”
  • “No, I don’t find the timing of the news of Osama bin Laden’s death coming within 24 hours of Obama releasing a copy of his birth certificate the least bit suspicious. And don’t all copies of birth certificates have PDF layers and other irregularities? Well, mine didn’t, but still….”
  • “I don’t care that Obama refuses to release his records to the public, like his academic, medical, travel, passport, social security, or selective service records. I only care about who makes it to the next round on American Idol”
  • “The Obama Administration refuses to release documents for the investigation into Fast & Furious? Isn’t that a movie? Why would anyone have documents on a movie? Wasn’t Vin Diesel in that? Maybe he’s at the center of the investigation. I’ll have to watch the movie again and see.”
  • “So what if a U.S. Border agent was killed, along with hundreds of Mexicans. It wasn’t anybody I know.”
  • “12 million squatters in this country illegally? No effective border security, or deportation plan? The Obama administration suing Arizona to prevent them from trying to get the situation under control? Obama giving amnesty to millions of illegals right before election time so they will register to vote? What’s your point in even bringing all this up? Why are you such a racist?”
  • “So what if Obama thinks there’s 57 states?”
  • “So what if he reads ‘corpsman’ and pronounces it ‘corpes-man’?”
  • “So what if he can’t figure out the complexities of negotiating a tricky gate while holding an umbrella? I trust this man with my health-care, my money, my freedom, and my personal safety. He’s the smartest man ever.”
  •   Image
  • “So what if he thinks Austrian is a language?”
  • “So what if he spent his formative years growing up in a third-world country that is predominantly Muslim?”
  • “It doesn’t interest me in the least that he wrote in Dreams From My Father ‘ To avoid being mistaken for a sellout, I chose my friends carefully. The more politically active black students. The foreign students. The Chicanos. The Marxist professors…’. or ‘it remained necessary to prove which side you were on, to show your loyalty to the black masses, to strike out and name names’.”
  • “Why should I be concerned that Obama was mentored by Frank Marshal Davis, an avowed communist?”
  • “Why do you make such a big deal about the people Obama has surrounded himself with, like Bill Ayers? Doesn’t everyone have that one friend who’s an unrepentant 60’s radical and domestic terrorist?”
  • “So what if he went to a church pastored by a crazy hate-filled racist preacher? I’m more interested in what crazy outfits Lady GaGa wears.”
  • “The President appointed a communications director who is an admirer of Chairman Mao? Who’s Chairman Mao?”
  • “The President appointed a Green Jobs czar who is a communist, who believes 9/11 was perpetrated by our own government? What’s a czar?”
  • “The President’s ‘Diversity Officer’ at the FCC is an admirer of Hugo Chavez, wants our government to take over all communications like they did in Venezuela, and said that whites who hold high positions should surrender those positions because of their skin color and sexual orientation and be replaced with minorities and gays which has nothing to do with qualifications? I don’t see anything wrong with that.”
  • “The President’s Regulatory czar wants to ‘reformulate’ our First Amendment, give animals the right to sue humans, wants government recognition of marriage to be discontinued? What’s a czar again?”
  • “The President’s Safe Schools czar is a homosexual and an advocate of pedophilia? I guess it’s o.k. as long as they use condoms. Speaking of which, I want free birth-control!”
  • “The President appointed a Supreme Court justice who said ‘I would hope that a wise Latina woman with the richness of her experiences would more often than not reach a better conclusion  than a white male’? I don’t see that as an issue. I trust her judgement. She is a wise Latina, after all.”
  • “The President’s nominee for U.S. Court of Appeals is an advocate of reparations for slavery? Does that mean that Obama would have to pay himself since he’s mixed race?”
  • “The President’s Science czar advocates forced sterilizations and forced abortions to save the planet? I just don’t see what that has to do with anything.”
  • “The President’s recess-appointed head of Medicare and Medicaid wants to ration health care? Why should that bother me?”
  • “Socialism has been a historically proven failure everywhere it’s been implemented? So what? When are we going to allow gay marriage?”
  • “I’m not seeing where the President’s  ‘You didn’t build that’ remark in any way means he disdains independent-minded entrepreneurs.”
  • “How is the fact that the President never held a job in the private sector of any relevance to whether he’s qualified to run the country? So what if he lacks experience? He sounds good when he’s reading a teleprompter.”

I’ll ask again – who knew there were so many things that don’t matter?



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Fairy Shrimp and the Sound of Freedom

What does the Fairy Shrimp, the Coastal California Gnatcatcher, and sage scrub all have in common?  The recently acquired ability to consume huge amounts of a green substance that is already becoming scarce – cash! These also have the ability to make worthless bureaucrats feel self-important.  Hold this thought for a bit, I’ll get back to it.

Feared by America's enemies.....and Fairy Shrimp

It was announced today that the Marine Corps will take delivery in 2012 of the long-awaited F-35 Joint Strike Fighter, Lockheed Martin’s newest and sneakiest means of bringing death and misery to crazy dictators and smelly jihadists. 

The B version was designed specifically for the Marine Corps in that it can take off and land vertically like the aging Harrier it will replace.  It’s stealthy design means it’s radar signature is no bigger than a golf ball, so that the Iranians or North Koreans manning their radar posts will look at their monitors and think “golly, someone at the driving range just hit a doozy! I wonder if he’s using a graphite club? That golf ball is coming straight toward…”  BOOM!!! – bits of burnt Iranian everywhere (or, North Korean, for those of you who prefer oriental rather than middle-eastern cuisine)

Many of these aircraft will be stationed at Miramar, California.  Most people who live near airbases have little to no problem with the frequent sound of jets overhead; they know it comes with the territory.  But a few residents are whining. One complained that the noise caused his children to wake up crying at night.  Well boo-hoo. Tell your snot-nosed brats to toughen up.  As the signs say in front of the main gates at MCAS New River and the auxiliary air field in Beaufort NC “Pardon our Noise – it’s the Sound of FREEDOM”.

Now we bring the Fairy Shrimp and his friends back into the story.  The new jets will require the Marine Corps to invest $446 million to modify facilities at Miramar, with construction peaking in 2015, which will include measures to “limit the expected impact on the San Diego fairy shrimp, the Coastal California Gnatcatcher and coastal sage scrub.” Oh geez! Are you kidding me? Please tell me this is a joke.This is what has someone's panties to get in a bunch The Fairy Shrimp averages about 2 centimeters in length.  Anything that can only be measured in centimeters or requires a picture of it to be magnified shouldn’t be of any concern.  Elephants on the runway would be a cause of concern.  What do they think a plane flying overhead will do to shrimp, or the coastal sage scrub?

California Sage Scrub. Where I come from we call these "weeds"

 The California Gnatcatcher is a tiny bird (not much bigger than a hummingbird) that eats gnats.  If planes flying overhead disturbs this critter’s gnat catching, then it can flutter over here by my house; there’s not much air traffic, and there are gnats-o-plenty!  And there’s no need to worry about any increase in the gnat population in the absence of gnatcatchers because along with stealth technology the F-35 has nearly unlimited gnat-catching capabilities built into it’s jet intakes – and the unsuspecting gnats will never know they’re coming!  Any gnats that manage to avoid getting sucked in to the jets aren’t out of the woods just yet, now they have to dodge heat-seeking missiles.

I wonder what these same people would do if they wanted to pour a concrete driveway at their home and there were scrubs or a puddle with microscopic shrimp in it.  How much of their own money would they spend doing an “environmental impact study”?  I’ll charge them $50 bucks and advise them to use a weed eater on the weed, and fill in the puddle with dirt.  There’s really no shortage of scrub or microscopic pond-critters.  These species will be just fine. We need to apply some reason and common sense instead of stupidity because we have more pressing and real things to concern ourselves with – like turning communists and smelly jihadists into bacon-bits.

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